Shipping is an essential part of the business. You have to send out what you have created to those meant to utilise it. For that to happen properly, shipping cartons exist. Every business needs shipping cartons regularly and they are more important than they might seem. An inferior box can cause harm to the goods being transported and thus the business as well. Here are the factors that one needs to keep in mind buying shipping cartons.

Packaging Requirements

The specifications of cardboard shipping boxes should always match the packaging requirements. Not all boxes can be used for every shipping. There are designated cartons for heavy-duty shipping and you can not use a standard carton for them. Similarly, using a heavy-duty carton for light items will be a waste of space and will increase your shipping expenses.

Shape And Size

The shape and the size of your box depend on what you are going to ship with it. Square and rectangle are two common shapes widely used. Items with longer shapes will not fit in square boxes that are too small. Similarly, shipping smaller shapes in boxes too big is wasteful. Your shipping charges will increase as they will cover more space. Your choice of shape and size of a box can either save or waste space and money.


Lightweight boxes are easier to carry and hence the better option if you are shipping items by yourself. Buying a heavy carton will only add to the weight of items thus causing plenty of inconveniences.

The material used and the construction technique implemented to determine if a box will fit the above preferences or not.


Characteristics of cardboard shipping boxes depend on the material they are made up of. They can either be simple paperboard products or corrugated boxes. Paperboard is extremely light and easy to carry. It is easy to print on but can’t protect the goods inside. Goods that aren’t too heavy and don’t need extra care can be shipped through these boxes without worrying.

Corrugated boxes are far more sturdy and durable than paperboard. They also withstand more impacts and protect what they are carrying. These boxes are the best for carrying fragile or heavy items. 


There are two ways of constructing cardboard shipping boxes. First up is single-walled boxes where only a single layer of cardboard is used. These boxes don’t provide much protection and are lightweight. They are fine for shipping items that are not easily damaged.

Double-walled boxes are created to ensure the safety and security of shipping items. Manufacturers use two layers of cardboard that make it strong but also heavier. Heavy-duty items should be shipped through these. 

Best Place To Buy Cardboard Shipping Boxes

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As a small business, you have to take into factor every little factor to provide 100% customer satisfaction. You can’t ignore the packaging and the processes involved if you are concerned about your customer. 


Cardboard boxes are mainly used by businesses who are engaged with shipping of lightweight products. There are different types of cardboard boxes that you can find in the market. In this article, we will try to help you know how to choose the best cardboard shipping boxes.


Check The Inside Part Of The Box

You must have heard people say that businessmen should think outside the box. But, this is not the reality when it comes to choosing a cardboard box for shipment. Make sure to check the inside of the box to make sure if the box will bear the weight of the product or not. 

The best part about cardboard shipping boxes is that it offers stability and convenience at the most affordable price. 

If you are a businessman who is conscious about the environment, using cardboard boxes is the best option as it can be recycled easily.



Before you choose cardboard for packaging goods, make sure to get details about the exact dimension of the goods you are shipping. Typically, cardboard boxes are available in a variety of sizes and they can be used for shipping items of different sizes. Single wall cardboard boxes are the traditional favourite as they can fit different lightweight products. 


The single wall box won’t be able to handle the heavy objects but it can be used easily to ship heavy objects. You can also ask for samples from manufacturers to make sure that the size and specification of boxes are correct.

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If you need cardboard shipping boxes to ship heavy goods, it is important to choose a thick box. Thick boxes or the double-walled boxes adds a layer of security and it can provide more resistance against any type of damage. 

The best part about the double-walled cardboard boxes is that it lasts long and it will keep your goods safe even in case of a long shipment. 


You can also look for extra-strength double-walled boxes that are also known as the removal boxes. These boxes can be useful for people engaged in businesses like movers and packers. Thus, the type of businesses can also determine the type of boxes you need.


Customizable Boxes

In a world where everyone looks for ways to customize their products as per the needs of the customer, why not customize your packaging boxes? Yes, many packaging service providers can help you get customized boxes as per your needs. You can change the outer layer of the box and you can add your brand logo and design the cardboard shipping boxes as per your requirement. 

So, what are you waiting for? Cardboard boxes are used for different types of packaging and you can use them as a simple and affordable way to package the goods. To get quality cardboard boxes at an affordable price, you can contact

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to transfer your goods? Then you should look around for a while to get the best. It is important for you to have a durable material which provides a tremendous value for your business. So, you should be more conscious when shipping goods. 

If you are concerned about your product safety then you can go with the cardboard shipping boxes. It is one of the excellent packing materials which are specially designed to protect your goods and products. When it comes to packing, you should be more concerned about the quality, marketing capabilities and most importantly product protection. Here are some important things you need to know before making a deal with a packing service provider. 

Know which suits your boxes:

First thing, you should know what kind of material and packaging styles suit your product. There are many options you can go with. However, consider cardboard shipping boxes which are perfect for transportation. These boxes are easy to handle and also its design is easy for assembling. These boxes are readily available in large quantities; thereby you can order wholesale cardboard boxes that save your money.

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How your box to be printed?

After you finalize the type of packing, you should work on printing options for cardboard shipping boxes. It is the ideal way to stand out your products. If it is more appealing, then more customers pay the attention to buy it. Make sure about the printing method, which is to be Flexographic, Digital or Litho Label printing. The printing methods help your product to look very pleasing and attract customers.

Make sure about the size and quality of boxes:

Consider choosing the size of cardboard shipping boxes that best suit your product. These boxes are available in different sizes; it is advisable you select the boxes that exactly fit your needs and then label. If you are shipping fragile items, then it is important you select the high-quality material and an exact sized box to protect it from damage where it also helps to save the shipment costs.

Select the design that suits your products:

The design of the cardboard boxes influences the customers’ buying decision of the product. First, analyze your products’ needs and outline the packaging using the software design. If you have artistic skills, then it is best to do it yourself. Otherwise, it is best to approach the professional to design the cardboard boxes. Make sure to select the design of your boxes to attract customers.

Review packaging manufactures:

To get valuable information, it is important for you to read the review of the cardboard box manufacturers. As these boxes are important for your business, so your every move should be under your knowledge. Go through the reviews of the previous customers before ordering it. Question your manufactures thoroughly about each aspect and be vigilant while choosing the cardboard boxes.

Wrapping it up:

Hope that the above tips help you to make the right decision to look for a reliable shipping box supplier. Buy the cardboard shipping boxes of a reputed brand as it ensures high quality and durability.