Are you planning to change the flooring of your home? You can try the Australian hardwood flooring. More and more homeowners today are moving towards hardwood floors for their homes. However, some prefer this type of flooring over the carpet or tile, while there are others who like the hardwood flooring because it is easier to clean. Now the question that remains is which is better carpet, tiles, or hardwood floors.

In this article, we explore some of the major benefits of hardwood flooring and why you should choose such floors over other types.

It improves the overall appearance of your house.

If you install Australian hardwood flooring it not only adds a touch of elegance to your home but also gives warmth to your home. There are some homeowners who feel that wooden floors make your home look bigger. On the other hand, some believe that a home with a wooden floor seems more inviting for guests. However, for a home to look more inviting the overall décor of the home also has a major role to play. The crux of the matter is wooden floors can add a great first impression to all the onlookers.

It has low maintenance

The best thing about Australian hardwood flooring is that it has low maintenance and is easy to cleanse. They can be steam-cleaned, swept, or vacuumed in order to eliminate any dirt or debris. With wooden floors, you are at an advantage of not having to clean the floors regularly. Wooden floors are easy to maintain because they have a higher stain resistance than carpets. When something falls on it you just have to wipe it off.

It is strong and durable

Another reason why homeowners prefer wooden floors is that they have high durability. The fact that it is easy to maintain is due to its durability. However, it does not mean that wooden floors will never have a dent, but if maintained well, it can last up to decades.

Adds value to your home

Australian hardwood flooring adds to the overall value of your home. Buyers are ready to pay for a home that already has a wooden floor. The reason is most people do not want carpet floors as they are afraid that carpet floors might instigate their allergy. Sometimes after buying a home, homeowners go on to change the carpet flooring, but when they already get the ready wooden floor, they are ready to pay more for it.

Ensures better air quality

Unlike carpet floors, hardwood floors do not catch animal dander, dust, particulate matter, pollen, or other forms of allergens. Hence, with wooden floors, it is easier to maintain the quality of your air. In fact, wooden floors are a must for people who suffer from allergies.

Looks good in almost all décor themes

Another significant advantage of hardwood floor is that they look good in all kinds of interior. Even if you plan to change the wall art, the mirror, or the or decorative accent, a hardwood floor is timeless. Moreover, with real hardwood flooring, you get a natural look in your homes since the patterns are unique.

Choosing the right flooring material can be a tricky job. This is because there are diverse materials that can be used for the flooring task. However, these materials have their merits and demerits; hence you need to choose wisely by considering different factors so that you can choose the best among the many. While you want durable floors that are easy to clean with classy appearance, then timber flooring in Turramurra should be your best choice. The timber floor has anti-allergic features that ensure they do not cause any health hazard to the family members.

What is the timber flooring?

Timber flooring is a floor that is made of only hardwood. Timber has been used as suitable flooring materials for many homeowners. This is because of its durability, as well as beauty. Timber floor is relatively affordable as compared to how they were before and many people consider having timber floors. Here are some of the tips to help you in selecting the most excellent timber flooring in Turramurra for your home.

Select the correct grade of timber : 

If you are looking for a natural appearance at your home, then you need to choose the standard grade timber. The grade timber floors have a considerable appeal to your floor. You can as well make the flooring and stylish and creative by opting from the grade timber

Choose the floor color :  

You should choose the color of the floor that goes well with the general appearance of your house. When working with timber floors, you can select a theme of three colors such as red, brown and cream. Then you can easily select the one that is appealing and with an aesthetic sense.

Check the technical specifications :

Make sure you understand the mechanical properties of the timber flooring you wish to use. Individually, you should check the necessary details about the durability and hardness of the timber. This, in turn, will be essential when finding if the floors will be able to sand the attacks of bacteria and damages as a result of humid and last for a long time. After all, you will not want to replace your flooring more often.

Find out the amount of timber required :

The timber that you settle on for flooring should be cut and modified to correctly fit it in the floor. Hence invaluable cutting may lead to wastage of the material. It is essential to find out the size of timber required for the floors of your house. You can also leave some provision to avoid such wastes.

Choose the ideal board size :

There are different alternatives to timber flooring in Turramurra available. They are classified based on the width, thickness as well as other structural features. Therefore you need to select a suitable preference with the best requirement. If you are not sure of this, you can seek help from expert flooring contractors.

Finally, you should take your time and ensure the timber flooring is always clean. you can achieve this by avoiding the use of harsh chemical as cleaning agents because they can destroy the floor. You should also have a proper flooring budget to prevent unnecessary expenses.