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At 1st Information Ideas, we are very much particular about the quality of the write-ups. We love high-quality, unique, error-free content for our website. We keep the interest of each writer intact and hence, strive to provide a platform to every writer- experienced to budding- to flourish. We welcome entries and ideas from different writers on various genres on the condition that the content is not only unique but informative as well.

Our help extended to all writers with their niche does not mean all entries will be published on One has to really keep in mind certain guidelines to get their articles/blogs published on the wall of 1st Information Ideas. We believe that who-so-ever submits his/her write-up to us, should abide by the following set of rules and regulations—

  • The writer must be very particular about the content of the write-up.
  • The writer must ensure before submission that the article/blog has a unique, attractive TITLE.
  • The article/blog follows the BODY guidelines as mentioned in the latter part of this page.
  • The content must strictly stick to the CATEGORY/NICHE for which it is written.
  • The content should have the use of keywords properly.
  • The author must ascertain that the content has a dedicated resource box or signature.
  • The content must not violate any of the COPYRIGHT rules and regulations.

Guidelines for the Body of ARTICLE/BLOG or Content

1st Information Ideas is always particular about providing content that is client-centered and of superior quality. Keeping this aspect in mind, we have a set of guidelines framed for the writers keeping in mind the interest of the visitors/readers. These are— 

  • The content to be submitted, irrespective of the Category, must have a minimum of 400 words excluding the title given for that particular Blog/Article.


  • Only those content will be posted that strictly adheres to the Category. Any write-up, no matter how long and informative it is, would stand canceled if the content has no relevance with the TOPIC, CATEGORY for which it is written.
  • We believe every writer submitting their ideas and information are professionals and hence, expect they will refrain from writing explicit or offensive content that might hurt the sentiments, emotions of community, product, or any other company.
  • We are the platform that provides information. So, respected writers, ensure that your Blogs/Articles are not promotional. We are an independent blog/article site and never endorse any company, brand, product, person, etc.
  • We always ensure that the visitors or the readers at 1st Information Ideas do not face any problem while reading or deciphering the meaning of any technical line. Therefore, we request the writers who are submitting their write-up to us to double-check the topic and content on grounds of any grammatical error or sentence formation. Write-ups with simple sentences will take the cake with the cherry. 
  • Ensure that the title of the write-up is BOLD. We also expect it to be SIMPLE & UNIQUE, understandable to all.
  • We do not allow or post write-ups without keywords. Therefore, it is to bring into notice to all the writers that they must ensure and check that their write-up has a minimum of three keywords. We also expect the writers to maintain the keyword density.
  • Refrain from attaching any type of contact information in the blog/article. Write-ups with contact information will stand rejected. Keep it a note!!

Other Important Things to Keep in Mind before Submitting

Apart from the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts, the following are some of the other important things that a writer should keep in mind—

  • Refrain from any type of negative promotion, putting false information, content related to violation of law
  • Ensure the write-up is properly formatted
  • Resubmission of the same article/blog with few words/sentences are not allowed
  • Refrain from promoting any illegal products/banned products
  • Refrain from putting in links from some external source in between the lines or in the write-up. We welcome articles/blogs that have a neutral approach/theme.
  • Stick to the prescribed format of TITLE & BODY
  • Refrain from reproducing the article from the site or some other sites